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    Reality will warp as early as Friday night, latest Sunday evening!



    OK, After getting some of my main concerns shot back to me I spent quite a bit of time thinking on what more can be done to end on a better note.

    See latest conversations in Beta 2 General Impressions for more info.

    Big thing is that the story is tied to Tom and his emotions. The slowest parts of book 1 are the periods where he is depressed (carving furniture etc) the best parts are when he is on an adrenaline high.

    So…for the first half of book 2 he is on post adrenaline high comedown. A hangover if you wish as reality starts to catch up with him. So it’s rather bummerific for him and the reader, but we have Hilda.

    He gets a good high from taking over Mount Doom, but then there is the run up to the party, where he is still excited, but we have the build up to the bummer of the Demon invasion falling flat. Time to fix that.

    [SPOILER]So, the plan is to push the demon attack from book 2 to 3, and up the hell out of it; have it delayed due to Lilith sending in some seriously challenging big guns (which will be mentioned in book 1) which take time to get there

    The party will be great, no gloom; Tom will party; but shortly after Ruiden runs into the portal the klaxons will roar as the radar detects the incoming threat from Doom’s Redoubt, forcing Tom to return to defend his newly won keep against a much nastier demon invasion in book 3; and of course, all the D’Orcs are still passed out.


    So at this point the changes will only affect the last several chapters and scenes and not the whole book.

    Hopefully by Friday evening; latest by Sunday

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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