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    Beta 3 has arrived



    Major reality shift for end of book. [url=]Beta 3.[/url]

    New scene: 106.65–>Needed mainly for Book 3. Also spells out clearly who this Sam guy is, if not obvious.

    Otherwise, the difference between Beta 2 and Beta 3 starts with 109.1 to the end of the book.

    It should shift the ending tone significantly.

    As for Beta 3.1, I think I will release some updates to earlier chapters to better spell out Exador’s relationships to the Storm Liches/Storm Lords.

    Probably on Sunday evening.

    If you haven’t read to the end of the previous versions don’t. This is the new starting point going forward for the ending.



    So, with the reality shift. There probably needs to be some polishing of the post 109.1.

    Please make sure there are no remnants of previous realities and if you think it seems too chopped/doesn’t flow. Let me known where and any suggestions you might have.


    Oh yes,

    Asmeth and crew are gone from book 2.


    Just skimmed through it so far, but the ending felt a lot better to me. I’ll have to read it more carefully when I have time.


    Oh! You labeled your Beta 3 release as Beta 2:

    Beta 2 Release July 24, 2015


    Snarglevarse….let me check.



    Cut and paste error…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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