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    Ah, but why is he still in contact and why didn’t he inform them of a potential Orcus?


    I am assuming it is the Storm Lords.

    He is or has been in contact with them. At least that is what should be implied in these conversations with Aodh and Lilith.


    Sentir shrugged. “A few centuries or so ago, I would have said none. A tremendous amount of his work was lost with him. Clouds Of Disintegration are very good at eliminating things.” Sentir sighed. “However, they have another ally who has considerable experience with the work they are interested in.”

    “Who?” Aodh asked.

    “An archdemon named Exador.” Sentir Fallon said.

    “The same archdemon involved in this whole Astlan—Lord Tommus thing?” Lilith asked in surprise.

    “The same.” Sentir Fallon nodded

    Lilith shook her head. “What an amazingly small multiverse!”

    I know you removed the bit about how Sentir knowingly worked alongside Exador 1000 years ago, but how does Sentir know that Exador is working with the Storm Lords? Did someone tell him and why would they?


    If I were to guess, he is not really proud of the connection. Further, he promised them that he had killed Orcus, I can’t imagine he wanted to admit to failure until it was known for absolute certainty.

    I am thinking we will learn the answers to this as we follow his story in more depth next book.

    Suggestions welcome….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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