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    The saint replied grinning. [color=red]”[/color]However, while we do not need to sleep, we—particularly, those with a wide number of Illuminaries—cannot be on duty twenty hours a day, four-hundred days per year.”

    Missing [color=red]”[/color]

    Teragdor is low-magitech. He is a travelling priest with what I assume is a basic but not sophisticated church education.

    Stevos’s explanation is complex. Imagine trying to explain a computer program to a 14th century [u]rural[/u] priest.

    Maybe this?
    “A divine daemon?” Teragdor shook his head. “A demon that works for gods?”

    Stevos grinned again. “No, in this case a daemon is a magical construct that carries out certain tasks on behalf of its owner. [color=red]Each of Tiernon’s avatars uses these assistants to manage their primary link to the god pool and, if needed, the pantheon pool[/color]. It is also something that allows [color=red]us[/color] to ‘hang up our links’ so to speak so that we do not have to manage all of them, all of the time.”

    Teragdor had never thought of such a concept. “It holds links for you, that’s very odd.”

    “Actually, there are a number of Holy Artifacts that can do this, wizards can also construct such devices. Each avatar is very closely linked, bound in fact, to our HALO, it’s part of the canonization process. It can [color=red]perform[/color] tasks for us such as [color=red]refining[/color] the mana in Illumination streams so that we don’t have to do it manually.” Stevos [color=red]explained[/color].

    “So what about when someone does a ritual that requires your permission?” Teragdor asked.

    “[color=red]We are able to instruct it who is authorized for what prayers and to alert me if something critical happens[/color]. We can pre-approve certain rituals and mana expenditures for specific Illuminaries [color=red]and the HALO grants permission[/color]. If it is something that requires evaluation, or is beyond the pre-approved limit [color=red]then[/color] [color=red]it notifies me[/color] immediately. [color=red]I review[/color] and approve or deny the request.” Stevos grinned, “as you can imagine this can sometimes occur during inconvenient times, such as when I decide to sleep for a while.”

    “What about normal prayers from priests or worshipers.” Teragdor asked.

    “There is a prayer queue in the HALO. [color=red]Certain[/color] key words, certain people can trigger alerts and the prayer will be routed to me immediately, but all others are recorded with great detail as to emotional state and thought process. All the information I would need to judge the prayer.” Stevos said. “The HALO also allows me to research the combined wisdom of Tierhallon, particularly in the context of the prayer, and the prayee. So I can more properly judge the situation.”

    “Wow. That sound impressive!” Teragdor exclaimed.

    “It is quite wondrous,” Stevos nodded. “It also helps me [color=red]to connect[/color] with other avatars. [color=red]I can[/color] [color=red]pass along[/color] prayers, requests, and decisions to others above me or beside me. For example, if a situation requires the assistance of another saint, I can quickly share information from my HALO to their HALO and get them up to speed very quickly.”


    “It’s just the next [color=red]run[/color] up on the Holy Ladder of Success!” –> [color=red]rung[/color]


    Great point.

    Updated! Thanks!

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