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    I’ve released Beta 2; it’s rather soon and there are not massive changes, mostly tweaks to clear up discrepancies.

    Move the HALO stuff to Stevos & Teragdor, cleaned that up a bit elsewhere.

    As I was just posting about the motivations of Sentir Falon realized I did not get Zbibk dealt with.

    Please check to see if I have cleaned up your major discrepancies and issues in a reasonable manner.

    Also the Tiernon & Torean discussions are turning into chopped salad, try to read them objectively to see if they still make overall sense. Clear things up.

    Instead of inserting a final scene on the Nimbus, Alvar, Orcs, I added a new final scene that flashes back to Tal Gor that doesn’t interrupt the run up to battle and sort of answers what happened quickly in review and does a few other things. It’s a first pass, so probably needs more work.

    Again, big thing is wrap up discrepancies reasonably and make sure I have not missed anything like Zbibk.

    The Dis Pater thing is still out there, but I think I can deal with that in the next book. Keeping Rupert as Dis Pater, I really like him as Rupert because so often Orcus and Dis Pater were conflated, that it makes a lot of historical sense.


    Going to take the 8th off so unrelated emotion won’t screw with your writing?


    I am thinking I may need to take the 9th off…I may need to find myself some demon weed and a willing wizard on the other side of the multiverse if things go the wrong direction.


    Well, if things go sideways, we’re looking for Microsoft professionals (.NET / SharePoint / BI) in most of the Scandinavian countries. Comrade.


    Thanks to Bernie, we’ve learned a lot in the US this year about the Northern Utopias!

    And if things go sideways, I am sure within a few decades you guys will have lots of really desirable sunny warm beaches!

    Very unfortunate one can’t buy property in Antarctica, now that would be an investment!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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