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    Mount Doom, Demon Suite: Late Sixth Period
    This is the section where Talarius questions Boggy.

    This section is duplicated in chapters 141 and 142. The occurrence in ch142 is, I believe, the correct one.



    Yeah I moved that around a bit, I think the first time I wrote it on the wrong day or something…


    Not seeing it in 141.

    There is a fourth period demon suite scene where he talks with Reggie, Reggie is busy with some D’Orcettes so Talarius goes to his room to wait for Reggie.

    Then in 142 he goes to the demon suite to find Boggy, Tizzy and Estrebrius


    [quote]Not seeing it in 141.[/quote]
    The occurrence in ch 141 is not in the index (of the epub anyway).

    In the index I see this:
    Chapter 141
    Mount Doom: Late Fourth Period
    Citadel of Light: Dusk
    Day’s March Outside the Citadel: DOA + 17 Late First Period
    Library of Doom: Late Sixth Period
    Day’s March Outside the Citadel of Light: Early Second Period

    *: This is a chunk that does not show up in the index of the ePub but you can see it when paging through the book
    [h]Mount Doom, Demon Suite: Late Sixth Period[/h]

    This exact chunk is then duplicated at the end of chapter 142.


    That is very odd.

    I am looking at the word document from which the epub was made by Calibre. It’s not there, just reading through it.

    However, I can see it in the epub, just like you say.

    I am wondering if I made it in the same directory as an earlier version and the files got mixed in.

    Checked the PDF, it’s OK as well, however the bookmarks are all weird.

    I will be publishing another epub/Beta 3 at some point soon. Let’s check that then.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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