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    time travel and an extra person.


    alright first off in
    chapter 144
    Citadel of Light,
    Shrine of Doom: Late
    Fourth Period

    Karis Crooked Stick is waiting for word from mount doom.
    the gate opens and out steps.
    There were three human sized people to the front with a very large, ugly
    winged orc behind them.

    skip to 145
    its suddenly
    Citadel of Light,
    Shrine of Doom: Mid-
    Fourth Period

    some how we travel back in time a half period.
    then he De-summons and summons Targh.

    then skipping to the meeting.

    Citadel Command
    Center: Late Fourth Period

    Behind Karis came two knights in armor,
    one with a large cloak, behind them was some sort of young wizard with
    curly black hair and a seriously magical metal staff with a demon’s skull on
    top. Flanking the wizard were two of the scariest looking D’Orcs
    Teragdor had ever seen; although given that he had only seen about a
    dozen D’Orcs in his life, that was not as strong of a statement as it might
    have been.

    suddenly there are 2 D’Orcs.
    Targh Bowelsplitter and Darg-Krallnom

    so when he is summoning Targh Bowelsplitter he should also summon Darg-Krallnom or have him also step out of the travel gate.
    so that a second D’Orc just doesn’t just pop up out of no where.
    during the Citadel Command Center: Late Fourth Period scene.


    So the time thing is a screw up as I rearranged stuff in time in the alpha’s that’s a mistake.

    In the current version, after testing whether he can summon Targh, he says he’s going to re-open the runic gateway and others will come through to start setting up.

    The command center is a bit later in time after the RG is settled, and Dargh-Krallnom came through.

    I have updated the last sentence in the temple to have tom say:

    “I just want to open the runic gateway and update everyone there, we’ll have a few more people come through to start preparations.” Tom told the battle priestess. [color=blue] “I am also going to have Darg-Krallnom join us.”[/color]

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