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    Per appendix in bk2:
    Zbibik was very popular during the war against the Anilords (he was opposed to the Anilords) and is still popular among any rebel groups. He is also very popular among a number of non-human races, Orcs and Jotun in particular.

    Seems to an odd fit. It seems like he and Orcus do not get along yet he popular with Orcs and Jotun? Even with Loki being somewhat chaotic, still…



    He is a god of chaos so all plausible, but yes, I need to rethink this.

    It is not critical that it be Zbibk. Sutekh is the more important antagonist as he’s got a serious grudge against the Nyjyr Ennead, as we see in the documentary film “Gods of Egypt” now availabe for streaming and premium cable.

    Although he was doing this before I saw the documentary, but I see it as affirmation.



    He can be a god of chaos but, in fact, working against Sutekh, as gods of chaos they have no obligation to work together towards a common gola of chaos, unlike the lords of law who have to be a bit less obvious.

    Going to change what god it is.


    Yea Chaos and Law should not mean, to be automatically on different teams.

    The Gods of Law are definied as signatory to the Dingsbums accords, right?
    And Orcus is not and was not an signatory.

    Hmm, got confused somewhere. What did I want to write? Oh, yeah.
    Chaos should not be automatically evil (same as Demons should not be automatically evil).


    Correct, however, it often works that way because causing chaos often causes people to get hurt which is generally perceived as evil.

    Loki is a great example.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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