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    That Grob really knows how to shake his money maker, he’s getting quite a bit of practise!

    Grob shook his head again and glanced in confirmation at Arch-Diocate Verablis Tierny the most senior priest of Tiernon on Nysegard after the death of High Pontificate Sessblame sixth months ago.

    “Not as much as we might hope.” Grob shook his head.

    Grob shook his head in amazement, “Jacquesparrow even? I…I…”

    “The Storm Lords are still in the process of setting up, assembling their siege-craft, organizing their regiments, setting up camps, battle lines.” Grob shook his head.

    “What the?” Grob yelled, moving towards Karis before stopping dead in his tracks and staring at the wizard. Grob shook his head, even as Diocate Aeris came to his side.

    What’s the word count for “shook” in book 3?



    Ok, need to work on that. I actually caught myself the other day with another head spinning session.

    I need knew words to describe “head shaking puzzlement”

    Just browsing for moment. Will start working on the posts this afternoon. my day job caught up with me this morning, I’d been ignoring it for a couple weeks now.

    Also, feeling a bit woozy, may have celebrated the Cubs win a bit too much last night. The good news is that my neighborhood didn’t burn to the ground as many of us feared it would should such an unprecedented event happen. Didn’t hear so much as a fire cracker or a bullet! Woo Hoo! Not much for sirens either!

    Fans were amazingly well behaved compared to other Chicago victory celebrations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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