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    Beta 1 is released to the wild.

    Word does something different every time it makes a PDF, had all sorts of markup problems this time, and the bold red changed scene markers did not show up as red in the contents this time, but they are bold.

    I suggest reading the entirety of the last several chapters to judge the flow.

    I think I’ve got all changes marked earlier.

    I have not done the beta_0 suggestions, will be working on those now.

    Still need to resolve the Tal Gor/Jenn/Nimbus stuff. Plus all the other Post Beta 1 list.

    There was a lot of fast writing as I got ideas, so look for awkward writing, inconsistencies etc. I.e. the stuff you’ve been doing all along…




    Kudos for the “Thunderstruck” reference



    Not sure you would think so if you heard Tizzy singing it!



    Thunderstruck is not sung…it shouted :d/


    Or as Talarius noted, I believe, “screeched”

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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