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    Since you removed the bit about the aether and Oostermorth you also need to rework this:
    “Could it be what Barabus told us about the Oorstemothian’s not knowing about the aether?” Gadius asked. [color=red]“If they are not aware of the aether, then there is no way this ship could be protected against aethereal penetration; unless they got extremely lucky with other counter measures.”[/color] “Perhaps, although that thought has bothered me less than the potential it opens up for our work in Oorstemoth.” Gaius replied. “I have not tried to shift. Doing so would allow us to determine if the ship is secure. If we shift and can leave the vessel, we can be fairly certain there is no such protection.” Gadius said. “Good point. Why don’t you try?” Gaius asked. “Because you are the one who loves the aether more than I and are far more versed in it. How many times have we had this discussion?” Gadius asked, his smile reflected in his humorous tone. Gaius chuckled. “Yes, and it is your dislike of the aether that probably makes you paranoid of the ship’s vulnerabilities.” “And you are not concerned?” Gadius asked. “I am now that you reminded me.” Gaius laughed. “So?” “Very well,” Gaius replied with mock resignation. Gadius waited, staring up to the bottom of Gaius’ bunk waiting for the knight to test the ship’s defenses. “Hmm, that is very odd.” Gaius said, sooner than Gadius had expected. “What is odd?” Gadius asked. “I shifted, and I felt the shift, but after shifting I was still in the material realm. Right here, not aethereal.” Gaius said. “What do you mean? You could not shift to the aethereal realm?” Gadius asked. “No, I shifted, or at least it felt that way; however, everything stayed the same. It felt like the material and aethereal realms were one and the same.” Gadius said

    edit: tbh, the entire scene could be cut. It is never expanded upon nor does it ever become relevant in bk3 as far as I know.


    Yup if they know about the aether then they could protect it.


    Will adjust that thanks.

    The entire scene is really to tell you a bit more about them, but most importantly reveal there is no aether in the Abyss.


    And thus no ghosts.


    Hmm, yes this would be tricky to correct vs delete/wholesale change.

    Going to need to ruminate.

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