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    She shook her head and finally started moving into her apartment. Time to run a hot bath and break out a nice chilled bottle of sparkling. She was going to stay in tonight; Freehold could wait until the morning. Although, she would need to check her AARC (Avatar Automated Response Center), the small box in her study that acted as her proxy and principle interface with not only Tierhallon and the god pool and pantheon pools, but also with her Illuminaries and devotees.

    The AARC feels awkwardly introduced. I’ve been staring at it trying to think how it could be reworded, but I’ve got nothing solid. Maybe just refer to it has her reliquary and leave out the explanations?

    “Although, she would need to check her reliquary. The prayers queue from her Illuminaries and devotees had likely backed up again. A saint’s work was never done and all this travel she had to do didn’t help matters either. Interfacing with Tierhallon, the god pool, and the patheon and doling out their mana to support operations on the Planes of Man was a all-day everyday effort.”

    I’m just trying to view at from a worker’s POV. It’s basically checking email, so how I would I see it during a crunch time? Still, I failed to introduced AARC and tie to something a reader from Earth would understand like the reliquary.


    That was my original name for a saint’s black box. But on earth a reliquary is a container for relics so I’m not sure that’s going to connect to it being her operator service.

    But I take your point, it sounds to SF not sufficiently Fantasy.

    Technically it would be a box with a Daemon running, handling things for her but….


    Hm, perhaps calling it a personal pool? I know that in bk2 we establish that worshipers pray, priests collect mana, and then it feeds to the outer planes as a single massive link. Presumably upon arrival it becomes highly refined mana for the godpool?

    Now, Tom pulled from the godpool, but in normal circumstances does the mana go through the avatars first to be refined and then deposited into the godpool? Then the avatars approve prayer requisitions for mana expenditure and pull some from the godpool to give to priests?

    Could, perhaps, avatars also have smaller personal pools? Maybe that personal pool is what is really used to refine the mana and feed it to the godpool?

    So, rather than losing access to an AARC they lose access to their prayer queues and lose access to the personal pool in Tierhallon. Without access to the personal pool they cannot access the Tierhallon godpool since the personal pool is part of the cipher process?

    Dunno, but you may be able to replace “AARC” with personal pool. That I can easily equate to Tom’s pool / wand.


    But see, it’s more than just a pool.

    It’s more like her cell phone/workstation.

    It handles stuff for her when she is “offline” it is the link holder. When she is locked in the interdiction, her illuminaries and all in Astlan would feel the disruption, the loss of her, but they would still have a connection to her ARC (AARC) and still feed mana to Tierhallon, and still draw down “preapproved limits” this is how Sentir Fallon could disappear into the Abyss.

    It’s a proxy.

    Maybe that’s the word, her “Proxy” It acts in her stead when she can’t be there personally, and relays critical information to her for approval.

    What do you think about that?

    : a person who is given the power or authority to do something (such as to vote) for someone else
    : power or authority that is given to allow a person to act for someone else


    Proxy doesn’t quite fit the way things have been expressed for the wand. Hilda’s proxy is basically akin to Tom’s wand even if they aren’t the same thing, right?


    Well, sort of, but different.


    1) Link Point to hold links and illuminations streams
    These can move seamlessly back and forth between Hilda and the device
    If she goes offline/unavailable it takes over links and can provide sort an Out of Office message/feeling to people
    2) Hardwired, so to speak to the GodPool, it can process mana for Hilda, or she can do it manually, as they did in Citadel
    Sends it to the next step upstream (Baysir or his Proxy)
    It is her connection to godpool (although she can also go direct or via Baysir)
    3) It receives, routes, prioritizes prayers for Hilda, stores them for her review, think of it like what Siri is supposed to do, but does not.
    4) Offloads processing of mana requests from priests
    It can automatically approve certain rituals/mana usage by priest authorization level
    Auto routes request to Hilda if not auto-approved
    If Hilda is offline, reroutes to others, including Baysir to ensure no interruption in service.
    5) Provides her access to the wisdom and (approved) knowledge base of Tierhallon (research station)
    6) Resides in Tierhallon

    The big point is that it can handle day to day activity that doesn’t require her immediate attention. She can set whatever alerts she wants.

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