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    Another question… I presume that with your cross referencing different books Sir Samwell might be the alias of a certain Samwise Gamgee?


    The key trick on the balance is gods can come, if invited/no one complains.


    1) Bess & the Outpost are a clear violation, however, only Tom and friends know this. The other gods believe the Nyjyr Ennead to be dead/missing/AWOL.
    2) Sentir Fallon would be a problem, except he was invited by Lilith, or has been at times. Since Lilith (and/or Sammael) are sort of the de-facto rulers, if they don’t tell anyone, it’s fine. It’s actually a far bigger problem for Sentir, that he is working with Lilith than the that he’s in the Abyss.
    3) Phaestus, Volund, Loki, Singkun & others were/are Orcus’ guests, arguably his Court. He invited them. Those who are aware of Tartarus are generally aware of their connection.
    4) Technically an Olympian in the Abyss (Orcus) would be a problem, but he’s been there for millions of years and most people don’t get the connection (do not know he’s a god) and consider him a permanent resident, and as one of the Princes of the Courts of Chaos, he was considered part of that signatory group. I.e. he got grandfathered in. This is true of a few other gods that live in the Abyss, he is not actually the only one. What is true, however, is that none of the gods living there have access to their god pools (if they have one)


    Well, that depends on where, in the Abyss and who you are.

    By and large Vaselle seems to be doing a good job, his “air conditioner amulets” are quite the step up from the spells Jenn used. But, he hasn’t really pushed it for exteded periods of time.

    They protect his clothes well against the atmosphere on a good day.

    Not sure how they’d stand up to acid or alkali baths or rainstorms,

    However, Talarius armour seems to hold up to everything, and it protects his under garments…I suspect those clothes are getting most of their damage from Talarius’ working up more than a bit of sweat/stench etc.

    Also note, that the LoD’s system has preserved a lot of Orcus’ clothing, and oddly enough the bedding and basic clothes worn by the D’Orcs survive. They need some replacing, but have last


    Rereading apostles it occured to me. About a quarter of the way in, there is a long lecture to Tom about why Gods can’t enter the Abyss without spdisturbing some treaty or balance thingy. and yet there Phestus, Usiris, and Bess, clearly in the Abyss.


    I don’t do windows, floors, ceilings, walls, carpets or dishes.


    Yea, Plus, mana overload to mortals is…. never pretty.


    Yes, they would be cut off from their godpools in the Abyss.

    In fact, in book II, Sekhmekt mentions this while watching Phaestus work on a big gun.

    They closed down their main/obvious outer planes. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a hidden plane or something with god pools on it.

    Based on what Sekhmekt has said, we have to assume the GP’s and PP’s aren’t on Uropia since she can’t access them.


    Well…. Bess is Bastet, of the Nyjyr Ennead that was presumed dead, and she’s pretending to be a demon, so the holders of the treaty aren’t actually aware, Hephaestus is also of the Nyjyr Ennead as well as others, presumably they don’t know he’s there either. I’m actually having difficulty remembering that exact scene….


    well they would only be cut off from their god pools if they have them in the outer planes
    if they established them in the mortal planes or the abyss they should be fine right?

    in fact aren’t the Nyjyr Ennead living on a moon in the astlan/mortal plane right now? (cause their plane in the outer planes got destroyed?
    so Bess and Phaestus should have access to their god pools


    Actually It is Sammael Co-Factor of the Abyss disguising himself as Sir Samwell the oorsmothian First Knight of High Justice, they actually outright say so a few different times in the book, and as far as i can tell there isn’t a LOTR reference involved there.


    Blow her cover, probably.

    As far as god pools on the material planes, well, to be honest, Singkun and I were pretty wasted when the rest were talking about godpools yada yada. There’s something rather tricky about them being on the material planes, but I don’t remember what it is. I mean, I think you can have them, but they are less stable or something like that…like I said, we really were not paying attention to that stuff when they were discussing it.


    Something something crazy cultists something something purified mana unstable something something volatile explosions something something?

    I wouldn’t want to think about the logistics of storing a godpool in a material plane, that’s for certain.


    What if it’s like a water bed and suddenly springs a leak?

    Nearby mortals would be soaked in mana, and nothing brings “monsters” (a pejorative term if I ever heard one) faster than that!


    ah I see
    although it would make sense for the Nyjyr Ennead to have one on their moon b/c they have Bess in the abyss and Phaestus likes to visit and stuff
    though I guess if Bess actually used it she would blow her cover
    possibly god pools would also be more vulnerable on mortal planes than outer planes?

    I guess that’s one of the reasons for the Doomalogs (think i spelled that wrong) b/c they give Orcus/Tom access to supplementary mana regardless of what plane he is on

    unless someone sets up a barrier like the liches/exador/sentir fallon

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