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    You microsofties seem to assume that things are case insensitive…


    It is still in the system Lenamare, just not in YAF. I have not lost your picture.

    I find it odd that you have ignored this place for a long time and only when you get the idea that something of yours is missing do you show up.

    Anyway, I have cleared your avatar and my avatar from the forum; hopefully when the random job/task that syncs the main site with the forum runs, it will replace the now blank links with the main sites images which are still there.

    The odd thing is is that the forum had the avatars as being http://www.astlan.net/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=UFbi3M0_jqQ%3d

    which if I do from outside the server works just fine. But if I do it from a web browser on the server it says that it things a DNS Rebinding is occuring.

    Now OK, the new site/cloud has a fairly traditional firewall/NAT thing going on, so that would make sense. The original site did not have a firewall, other than windows firewall, so that made sense. What is odd is that while at Azure, there was a firewall, a rather wacky cloud one, and that did not give problems…unless it had and I just hadn’t noticed, but I don’t think it had.

    What I still can’t figure out is how some still work and others don’t.

    Other than for those that are system default avatars


    Yeah, if you’re an independent consultant, it’s different. Our clients tend to have high enough volume that they want to own their vendor relationship directly, and what we do for them is either provide them with a cloud ops team, or help them bootstrap one. When you’re paying 1k€ per day per consultant for 50-100 guys, suddenly the flexibility AWS provides to projects, and the business value throughput that follows, is significantly more important than pinching cloud pennies.

    That being said, I have my private stuff on https://www.hetzner.de/en/hosting/produktmatrix/rootserver-produktmatrix-ex since their performance / ping / price for a 32 GB server is really very good. On the Linux side, applications are packaged in Docker images, which are very simple and hassle-free to deploy. I’ll probably do a full reinstall on vacation.

    Last weekend I looked at the maturity of high-level serverless solutions built on AWS Lambda / Azure Functions / Google Cloud Functions. You basically pay for 100ms increments of CPU, and HTTP requests, but nothing while your site / API isn’t busy serving. Which is the optimal payment model for, say, your web site or forums. I’m test driving AWS Lambda in a production pilot project that’ll be deployed in a few weeks, we’ll see how it performs. Boy, will I be glad to be rid of the vagaries of customer hardware which have plagued this project… life is just so much simpler when you deploy into a data center instead of a retail location.


    The issue seems to be the link between the site and the forum module.

    The avatars are set by the site profile, not the forum profile. When I look at my settings for the site, my avatar shows up fine, but not in the forum which is called YAF. (YAF has some duplicate functionality as it can run on it’s own outside the CMS I use which is DNN; when inside DNN it reads DNN info)

    On the top menu bar, next to “Logout” you will see your username. Click on that and you will see your site settings. Under your avatar there will be an “Edit Profile” button, that’s where you edit the avatar and other information. the forum is reading that data.


    OK, if you’re going to be a specialist reseller for relatively undemanding clients, I can relax. I was selfishly afraid we’d never see another book out of Astlan, if you started competing in the PaaS market on your own.

    As long as the ESX management software isn’t https://www.redhat.com/en/technologies/cloud-computing/cloudforms or its open source version http://manageiq.org/. I helped a customer build a ESX/AWS cloud mgmt POC with it, and it was a piece of shit, to say the least. To get it to set ESX VM VLAN values post-creation, I had to monkey-patch the application (Ruby) code through its event customization feature, making me feel like a necromancer of some sort. Unclean. At the time, I recommended going with http://dasein.org/ (https://github.com/dasein-cloud/dasein-cloud/) were they to persist with the idea.

    You don’t _have_ to stay independent… you could join the dark side! For example, my incentives aren’t even tied to billable hours anymore.


    That seems likely.

    Certainly the Gravatar option is probably the best/easiest since it’s effectively universal.

    Azure was “interesting” I used the new interface/system for this site, which is much better than the old one although still lacking some critical features…you know like backup…

    While still byzantine, it has a lower learning curve and is (not coincidentally) less customizable than aws.

    My problem with AWS is that it is so flexible it quickly gets complex and unexpectedly expensive; they charge for every little piece. I had one hell of a time shutting down a client and making sure everything was deleted so they were not still being charged.

    Azure has a much more inclusive pricing model that is easier to understand/control.

    However, that being said, the only real reason I went there is that I get a $100/month credit as a MS Business Partner; that brought the cost of the VM to on par with what I had been paying for a dedicated box (that actually had more resources)

    Where I am now is in my own cloud; which I’ve sort of “bought into” as a partner/reseller so I can offer my clients more cost efficient VM solutions on a fully monitored/managed platform that I provide a first line of interaction. So far, the support I get as a partner is well beyond what I ever got from AWS, Google and Azure, and is frankly better than Rackspace in terms of responsiveness.

    My cost per VM, all in, is 25% what I was paying at Azure for the same procs/ram, and the disk performance is far better than Azure Standard or AWS Standard.

    Point being is that I can offer my clients half the cost of the big guys and still make a profit. Of course while the DataCenter is SOC2 compliant etc. I am not going to push to move high intensity production here (for one thing as Tier 1 HD, I can’t stay awake 24×7); as a cheap DR site or for Dev VM’s it’s a great lower cost option.


    My gravatar does not seem to load automatically. However, I am seeing a gravatar G.

    Also, why does Tizzyr’s work? Surely that miscreant doesn’t have a gravatar account?


    Avast you, Author, my avatar is also away!

    Is it not enough that i have yet to get a single line of dialogue in book 3, that you must also banish my avatar?

    I think there is clearly a collusion of criminal culprits, conspiring to coopt and condemn my inculcatative comments concerning the coming catastrophes in Astlan!


    Avatar links seem broken


    Yes, something is quite fishy. I will look into it, probably this weekend. On a writing roll at moment and don’t want to break my stride.


    Ok, I renamed my avatar image, and re-uploaed it via the site settings. Still doesn’t seem to show up. Maybe if I put it on the web and set it to a URL?


    Hmm. I don’t seem to be able to edit my profile. I can see my profile, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit it.


    For some odd reason, since the move to a new cloud, the Avatar images are all broken—except for Tizzy’s which is suspicious, but then he is immortal.

    When I look at my own link in edit profile; the link works to bring up the image, but it’s not getting displayed.

    I am looking into this, but if you have your avatar handy it might be faster to just reupload it.

    This is very odd because I did not move the site so much as picked up the VM and moved it over to my own cloud from Azure.

    Apparently, that made Bill Gates mad and he struck down the Avatars.


    Exactly. I actually am trying to get more time to write.

    The big problem I have with getting money in a feast/famine mode is that I essentially have to go full time with a single client; and when I do, I tend to be all in one way or the other. If I have to go onsite, then I generally add 1.5 hours per day travel, at least and am probably really focused on them for 50 hours per week; so we close in on 60 hours/week which sort of wears me out. I end up sitting in front of the TV watching netflix, or reading a book; not writing a book–because it requires too much thinking and I am thunk out.

    And then when the client is done; yes I’ve saved up money, but now its famine time.

    My goal is to have multiple smaller clients, only occasionally go onsite, and have otherwise stable recurring income to level things out, giving me the flexibility to write as the muse occurs. This is a revenue stream to ensure minimum income.

    Eventually, I should be able to turn the tables and make IT/Consulting the side business and writing the main business, but I’m not there yet; at least not to my current living standards. And being a tech-nut, my expenses for tech things are pretty ridiculous: Redundant 100+ Mbps ISPs at my house, professional firewall w/maintenance, Multiple developer subscriptions (e.g. RadStudio maintenance, MSDN, DevExpress, various ETL tools) and all sorts of things like that plus my 3D graphics hobby (Vue Infinite maintenance, PoserPro, Adobe CC) And of course, my entertainment, Cable, all premium movie channels, Netflix etc.

    And that doesn’t even consider the random one-off binges like when I went IOT crazy and bought all this stuff for arduino, pi, etc

    I am actually very lucky in that as an S-Corp in IT, all my favorite hobbies are business expenses because I also use them for clients.


    Actually, thinking about it, he might even give Tizzy a fair trial.

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