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    Lots of people have really enjoyed the audio book. Stephen does a really good job!

    Book 3 is being recorded now, and book 4 is under contract for audio and will be out shortly after book 4 is released.




    I really enjoyed book 1, got a bit lost in book 2, and skim read book 3. Continuing the trend, I would likely not pick up book 4.

    However, I bought the audiobook for 1 & 2 and found it much easier to follow. I hope book 3 and 4 will be released in audio too.

    Please keep us updated! 🙂


    I hate to be that guy, but any ETA on Book 4 beta?


    If you are “That Guy” are you dating “That Girl” Marlo Thomas? Pretty sure she’s currently married to Phil Donahue. Tsk Tsk Tsk But she is still a young thing at only 79. I’d date her, but that would be some serious cradle robbing on my part.

    Stephen should be wrappinng up or maybe wrapped up the first round. It then goes to editors who work on it, maybe have him redo a few parts etc.

    The first book took 3 months, the second, which was submitted at the same time came out a month behind. I would thus expect about 3 months from when T-A-G sent them the book.

    They have not, however, asked for the cover art yet. One would presume they are getting close when they ask for that. I have hacked T-A-G’s email account so if they ask for it, I’ll notify everyone.


    Speaking of Sammael,

    Yesterday, the day after my last post on this topic, T-A-G’s editor at Tantor asked for the cover art. As I said, I have hacked and am able to view his email so I was alerted.

    He asked her what the tentative release date was, she said the current plan was for 10/3/17.

    So, a bit later than we hoped, but it is a big and complex book, and the editors need time to review all the narration and make sure it’s correct.

    I tried to post this yesterday as soon as I found out, but my AOL dial up connection went down (again). [cursing] It is very frustrating but given the extremely long phone line between my cave and the telephone switching station in the Courts of Chaos, not to mention their very long phone cable to Earth, this stuff happens all too frequently. [sad]

    I really wish we had 4G or higher in the Abyss for cellular data, but cell phone towers are few and far between. And unfortunately, there is no way of converting bytes into something that can be sent by mirror, at least that I know of.


    Just got word from Stephen (the narrator) that all his recordings and edits are done, so just now wrapped up.

    Very long book with lots of characters and action, so quite challenging.

    As mentioned Tantor is targeting 10/3 for release.

    Given they have to upload/sync/whatever with Audible/etc I think we should be on target for this release date.



    Yay! We get to give you more money!

    Oh frabjous day!


    [url=]The Audible for Vol. III Apostles of Doom is now available![/url]

    I expect Whispersync & discounted kindle ebook owner pricing to be available in the next few days!


    Well, technically, the pre-order is live now, for midnight tonight.

    Tsk, tsk, Premature audulation!


    Just finished re-re-listening to all three books. Wow, does Stephen do an excellent job! I can’t wait to buy both Kindle and Audio versions of Book 4! Maybe next I’ll re-re-re-read all three books!

    Pods, I’m such a glutton for punishment. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was a masochist.


    Pods–psuedo, or –air?

    Are air-pods powerful enough to make you wiggle?

    For TV, I assume you just engulf a surround sound system with subwoofer.

    That would be a lot of fun!


    Hmm. Listening from the inside? That would be interesting. Never tried it for obvious reasons. I’m not made of dielectric material.

    And I said pods as a general curse. I’ve noticed most beings call upon higher planar beings (and their anatomical parts) as curses or exclamations. “Lillith’s teats!”, “Gods!”, etc. Since there’s not Gelatinous Cube god (at least not one that wants to be acknowledged), I’ve been trying out other exclamations. Ah! I’ve got it, EXCRETIONS! I mean, I don’t shit, so I can’t use that. Pods is like a demon yelling out “hands!”, doesn’t make much sense. language is awkward.

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