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    Whispersync is now available for Book 1.

    People who own the ebook can get the audio version at a substantially reduced price. $3.47 in USD.


    Just FYI for people who might have the same issue…

    I couldn’t get the audio companion to work in my Kindle app. Amazon says you’re supposed to be able to swap back and forth between the written book and audio book directly from the Kindle app, but I don’t have the icon they say I’m supposed to have. I was able to BUY the companion from my Kindle app (menu > Discover > Audio Upgrades) so I didn’t have to jump through hoops. Other than scrolling through the 529 audio upgrades available for books in my Kindle library, that is. Amazon REALLY needs a search function right there.

    However, I downloaded the free Audible app, logged in with my Amazon username, and the book was in my Audible library. Downloaded the book this morning, and started listening through the Audible app just fine. Sounds great so far!


    As did I…

    Not sure when I will start but….anxious to hear it.



    The audiobook version of Into the Abyss is now available to preorder on Amazon and most of the Audible apps/sites (if not then shortly) It will be released on 5/9/17

    The Heavenly Host is scheduled for 6/9/17 and should be showing up before too long.

    They are in audible format (rumors of iTunes and others are also out there, but not sure until I see them)

    If sales of V.1 and V.2 are good, they’ll sign up to do V.3

    It’s an audible book, so credits apply. I would assume that for owners of the kindle, a WhisperSync version will be available for cheap. However, won’t know that until it goes live, but I’ve seen Tantor books from other authors who’s kindle e-book I own offered more cheaply.

    For your listening pleasure, v.1 clocks in at 24 hours and 38 minutes.

    All that being said, haven’t heard it myself yet so excited to do so!



    Crap, Amazon’s showing the price as $33.68. Dang. If I was a big audiobook fan, I’d have an audible account instead of Kindle Unlimited, I guess. 😛


    Wait until after it goes onsale.

    Assuming you have an ebook version you should be able to get it for $2.99 or similar per Whispersync.

    Dungeon Born: The Divine Dungeon is also Tantor audio and since I own the ebook I can add the audio for $2.99 (prices may very) Same with others.

    That’s the trick with audible/amazon, they do all sorts of crazy things.

    They have 1 price that is list, to scare you into subscribing.

    They have another “internal price” for people with a subscription

    And then there is a price for people who previously bought the ebook or are buying both.

    Given that I get 20% royalty, that could be $6.60, $4 or $0.60 who knows But really that’s how the paperback also works, I get something between $0.2 and $4.60 depending on how its sold.

    I should hope that since a pre-order isn’t charged until the “book” is available” those that pre-order and own the ebook will only pay $2.99 or similar.


    Ordered it yesterday. Will start it as soon as I finish my current book. 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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