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    So was scrolling through facebook a post came up.

    One of my recommendations for serial stories to read “everybody loves large chests” was read by jeff hays on his twitch channel FiatCelebrity. He shared that he’s reading more of that story first, then he is going to do Demons of astlan: into the abyss. Nice.

    He’s reading the first story i mentioned right now here:

    I will edit this to add the video after he’s done.

    Edit 1: forgot to mention he works for audible.

    Seems TAG was there lol. Anyways it starts at around 9 minutes. It’s the chapter where Tom meets boggy and tizzy.


    This guy says he’s auditioning


    Yes, he was there!

    T-A-G really likes him, but needs to let others audition and then get him over that “It’s a long book thing”

    Suggestion by T-A-G was to break it up into parts, say 2 parts per book, this is an artifact of Audible “Unlimited” vs Audible book.

    Really going to take more research..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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