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    I didn’t habe trouble with the big characters we see a lot but if more and more smaller, but important people keep coming up than this would be 10/10 for keeping track of who’s who.

    Of course for those just getting into the book, spoilers would ruin the “twists”.






    So is this Beta sign up for book IV? If so please sign me up again!


    Not yet.

    Might have a sign up for the beta of “Who in the Abyss is that?” the free e-book i promised with updated cast of characters and other information (mainly from this site that many still haven’t found).

    it’s turning to be a bigger challenge than expected….just being sure of who is in which book when….

    There are like 470 characters….

    Most of which are just named people and not major players but….

    One other thing that is tricky is describing alliances because who someone is with, changes, and in fact, characters lie about who they are with, e.g. Bess, Exador, Ramses…are some of the worst.


    Let me guess: you’re writing it as a tool for yourself, and turning it into a product in order to double dip?


    Why does it matter? We’re going to buy it anyway. :d/

    [img=]Take My Money![/img]


    He said free e-book. He can talk all my free money. I’ve loads of it. Nearly infinite in fact.


    And going back to Mikey. Of course! I moved the spreadsheet into a database and built a first front end to edit/organize the data better and that will generate the word document etc. It’s a first version of the Character DB tool for my Writer Blocks program that I’ve been puttering with since Book II came out.

    Yes, it will be a free e-book.

    I know, the spoiler thing is something I need to figure out what to do with. Same for the site. I’ve thought about having buttons that people “click” that will add them to a group (like Beta Demons) that will give them access to later information.

    E.g. “Read ITA”,”Read HH”, “Read AoD” and then sections of the site will be visible if you have added yourself to the group.

    Not sure what to do about the e-book. Should I do multiple books, one for each book. A big part of the problem is that descriptions “should” change to be accurate once things are revealed.

    That’s a big part of why there are no D’Orcs mentioned on the site library etc.


    Will you be continuing with character pictures? or what’s happening with that?


    He’s going to be putting character pictures in there.

    It will probably be a combination of jubjubjedi and his own.


    Awesome, i think the pictures are cool and can’t wait for more.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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