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    It’s the latter. They store their memories and experiences for later generations to learn from.

    That’s their “library” if you will. It’s basically a racial memory that they can access/search. And they have to train to do it well.

    But the originators are defunct as operating individuals, they are just memories of life. In a sense, because later generations can share their memories they have a form of immortality….

    If I go too far thinking about it and how this ties to the Phoenix Cycle and bringing back memories–we start having interesting overlap.


    Also, remember from last time, all the work reincarnated people have to go through as servants of the Nyjyr Ennead–they work very hard to help their reincarnated people remember past lives.


    [quote]“He certainly was. He had to be in order to take on both heaven and hell and survive.” Tamarin said. “Or so I have learned from my studies, he is far before my time, or that of any living djinn.”
    “Are djinn not immortal?” Tom asked, surprised.
    Tamarin grinned at him. “Not at all, we are mortal, we just live a long period of time.[/quote]
    Djinn are mortal? I had no idea! So that is why nothing happens when I rub that old lamp that I found.
    I went over every millimeter of that thing and I am sure there was no expiration date, they better fix this before they ever try to link with an orstemoothian, they could end up getting sued for something like that.

    On a serious note, Tamarin did claim to have “shared visions and experiences with previous military adjutants” in HH:
    [quote]As she continued to turn, her eyes came upon Völund. “You are Völund the smith. I have shared visions and experiences of you with our previous military adjutants. It is good to know you are still here.” [/quote]
    This at least suggests, if not outright states, that those djinni are still alive. However, her statement about the mortality of the djinni clearly shows that they are not.
    Djinn memory library maybe? That would be cool.
    Or, a Dninn mnemonic history (like an oral history but composed of raw memories instead). A big package of memories passed down from and added to one Djinn to the next.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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