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    Yes, this has been brought up.

    I am going to have to rework this, have not completely figured out how yet. But it has definitely bugged several people and is now bugging me.


    It seems a little bit unreasonable to me that they didn’t (manage to) contact Nysegard in book 2 over those stones. It has after all the most important Doomaloggue in the multiverse. I guess it can be explained away, but it does look odd.


    The way it seems to be described in the book so far is that they lost all communications with Nysegard, so they guessed that everyone was dead. I suppose the way it could be explained is that the undead sent suicide agents to get to and destroy all of the communication stones.

    However, even with Orcus “dead”, Nyseguard could still maybe get reinforcements from the Abyss via normal summoning. There was some contact back and forth via reviving demons, but then it stopped (?). I mean, maybe all the D’Orc shamans died, and the mortal shamans didn’t want to summon D’Orcs out of fear of being seen as impertinent and then dying? Or maybe the D’Orcs on Nysegard didn’t give the shamans the true names of the D’Orcs in the Abyss because a) they didn’t want it to fail and discover that their friends were dead, b) they didn’t think that they could help anyway, as in they had too much of their own problems, and/or c) they didn’t want mortals gaining such power over the D’Orcs.

    I think the easiest way to do this is that, about a thousand years after Orcus “died”, one of the leaders of Nyseguard went to the Abyss and cut off ties, since they didn’t want to burden their embattled cousins in the Abyss and they couldn’t help each other anyway, and keeping in contact was getting too expensive. Then, when Tom appeared, the leaders in the Abyss put off contacting Nysegard because a) if there was something they could do to help Nysegard, they probably would have sent someone by now and b) they might all be dead. It was only when the portal automatically reopened that they sent someone through, since they had the power to move large amounts of troops.

    In order to convey this, I think more emotion on the D’Orcs part needs to be conveyed when Nysegard comes up. More wincing, sighing, sad looks, hope, stuff like that. Nysegard, since it is so important, should be a real touchy subject.


    Yeah something along this line but maybe a bit simpler/long term/slowing

    And I think this is sort what I was thinking at the time I wrote it (it just wasn’t formed/thought out enough to have people discuss):

    1) With Orcus, there was never a need to summon D’Orcs. At least not after the first hundred years, and never after the Doomalogue was in place.
    2) D’Orcs are not going to give out their true names any more than demons. Therefore very few shamans, D’Orc or otherwise are going to know true names to summon a D’Orc.
    3) Now summoning stones—those would allow dream walking back to Doom for communication—except they hadn’t been working since Dooms collapse, so the summoning stones were toast with Orcus and the depowering of Doom.
    4) The first D’Orcs that died, would have been trapped there since no one on Nysegard would have their true names, but eventually they’d figure out that in order to get back they needed to tell shamans their true names. So then they could start coming back, and could bring back the others. However resources were thin, as you suggest, so they did not pull others that had not been on Nysegard.

    One big thing that this brings up, and it hasn’t hit Tom, but it should is he needs to figure out a way to make Doom less “Tom dependent” someway that the Doompire could survive without him. He needs to have alternate powering mechanisms for summoning stones etc.

    Of course, this is a longer term project he needs to set people to etc.


    That seems like a after situation to me. I mean, I don’t know how many books you intended, for some reason im thinking 6? But hes to dependent by himself. Hes out of his weight class. Granted that might be a perfect reason to prioritize it. If he cant hope to match his adversaries at least make sure his legacy’s solid


    I see it as a point of worry/concern for him.

    I do not really seeing it getting fully accomplished in the “Demons of Astlan” book. Maybe some small steps…no it’s more like a “first decision” command that he comes up with that is the start of him being more proactive. I see working it in slowly. It is a goal, not something that is going to be accomplished in the books.

    Books are looking a bit closer to 8, 7 would probably be a good number from an Astlanian point of view.

    I see the “real” book being between 1.5 and 2 million words. Without appendices/what went before/contents. Each volume is averaging around 250K with excess stuff. so figure 225K/book. At a minimum that is 1.5K/.225K =6.66 books. At max that is 2K/.225k =8.88 books.

    Now part of this depends on what happens with the spin offs. The spin offs also generate more content/story overall, but they can also take content out of the main book (books).

    For example, I had not really planned on doing the story of Into the Wilds, but it seemed like good additional detail/story that was not going to be otherwise told, and I still have no idea how much of it will fold back on the main story arc and how much will be self contained in say additional books in that series. But it definitely will explain some of what is going on in the main book and may ultimately provide better answers to questions that otherwise might have been left unasked.

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