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    Is this on purpose?


    I had a note about Excrathadorus Mortis (EM).
    In AOD Tiernon seems to be uncertain about EM.
    During a conversation with Torean he says the following in reference to the dagger:
    [quote]Tiernon shrugged. “Mortals have poor memories for history. Its importance was forgotten and it was put into storage and never seen again. When he realized it was missing, Sentir Fallon actually had his agents look into its whereabouts but they were unable to locate it.”[/quote]
    However, I remember Sentir fallon claiming to have brought it to astlan in HH:
    [quote]“Further, the reversal of Excrathadorus Mortis gives me great pause. You know my history with it, before [h]I brought it to Astlan[/h]?” Sentir looked at the other avatars.[/quote]
    Since Sentir admitted to having brought EM to Astlan in a conversation with the other avatars why doesn’t Tiernon know this? Did Sentir Fallon make a mistake with his web of lies here?


    Very good point!

    Thanks for the catch!

    I just did an edit of that scene with Tiernon yesterday, guess I need to edit again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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