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    I have found few other places where War Arrow is referred to as a he:
    [quote]“And the barding as well, we are likely to face a lot of Unlife and War Arrow will need [h]his[/h] armor.” Stevos nodded.[/quote]
    [quote]“We are not stealing a horse; we are simply returning [h]him[/h] to his rider.” Stevos said.[/quote]
    [quote]“Have you two found the barding yet, we think it would be easiest to take to War Arrow and have [h]him[/h] wear the gear before we leave.” Saint Hilda of Rivenrock said[/quote]


    Good catch!

    No, War Arrow is cisgendered. I suspect Talarius is a bit too uptight for a hermaphroditic mount!


    Sweet! Thanks.

    I will mark this as “thanked” when I get these corrections done.


    Was a “her” is now a “stallion”


    Hey TAG,
    Just finished reading alpha0 for the second time. Awesome!!!
    I noticed something towards the end of chapter 133:
    [quote]He grinned at her, “I do hope, however, that your chapel can contain a large winged [h]stallion[/h] that we need to bring through?”[/quote]
    I was sure that War Arrow was a she so, I pulled up “Into the Abyss – Chapter 60” and sure enough:
    [quote]War Arrow was now over the impromptu parade ground and was circling. A fine steed, Talarius thought, a fine friend. He had to suppress a momentary feeling of pride in their work together. Hubris had been the downfall of many a soldier for the good. Talarius would not fall into that trap. Not again. Not ever again. What he felt for his friend was admiration. Admiration at [h]her[/h] spirit and determination in the face of evil. War Arrow had taken him into many a campaign over their ten years together.[/quote]
    Is spontaneous gender switching a not widely known property of flying horses?
    Could be a thing.


    Maybe War Arrow is transgender???

    Anyone catch the color War Arrow’s armor / barding??? Was it rainbow??

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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