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    Tizzy shifted his eyes to Valg, looking at him slightly askance. “There are 4 kilos of demon weed in here! I should think that should be enough.”

    Valg blinked, shook his head and stared pointedly at the tiny bag. “Four kegs? How?”

    Why is called kilos and then kegs? Is this a drug specific measurement?


    Is it still 4? I thought i changed it to 1 kilo.

    Kegs is a term that is used in some of the space faring worlds, it’s a shorthand for kilograms in military vernacular. I believe, the difference is the person speaking, the person saying keg is a tech worlder.

    BTW Unit translation in “universal” is obviously an iffy thing, what if people have different measurement systems?

    That’s one reason I focus on leagues. A league, imprecise as it is, is, for humans of average height, world independent.

    It is defined as how far a human can walk at a healthy pace in 1 hour.

    Sure, the length of an hour may be different on Astlan and Earth, but then the physical distance will also change accordingly.

    This is something of a problem with kilos. Less a problem than pounds. A kilo is a kilo, unlike a pound that varies by gravity, but what’s the likelihood that different worlds define them exactly the same definition of a kilo?


    [quote=The Author Guy;4004]Is it still 4? I thought i changed it to 1 kilo.

    Just bumping this thread since Alpha 2 still says 4 kilos instead of 1. I don’t know if you still plan to change it or not.



    Considering the size and scope of the dance maybe it should be 4 kilos.

    Hmm, need to look at some of those bales of weed they captured on the mexican border to see how much 4 kilos would be.

    A joint is typically between .5 to 1 gram. So 1 Kilo is roughly 1,000 joints, maybe 2,000. Now this is demon weed, so it’s about as potent as you can get; althoug presumably, like pot, there are different strengths.

    Now, if you are like Tizzy and have been a continuous smoker for say 100,000 years, your personal stash is probably extra potent.

    So I bet you could probably figure .5 grams per joint, but to really get D’Orcs going, they will probably need the full gram. But maybe that’s for the guys who have dedicated pipes, the sharing guys get .5 each.

    So let’s say the majority of the 2,000 D’orcs and 2,000 Demons need about .5 grams. That would mean I need 2 Kilos for them alone.

    Hmm, maybe he has 4 kilos after all. I don’t know that I believe this, but the story this is attached to is about a priest from italy caught with 3 kilos.

    That looks like more than 3 Kgs.
    although, maybe here is a pot with about a third of a kilo in it.


    Tizzy could have a bag of holding, that could explain how he would be able to carry such a large amount of Demon Weed – I know that you had mentioned them in the chapters that get cut from the Beta of bk2

    Maybe he got it from his previous AM that he killed in bk1


    That was my assumption all along.

    My thought was that it looks like a drawstring coin pouch (I think I need to check the wording on that in the text), and that it’s much bigger on the inside.

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