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    There is a section called “Murgatroy: Several hours earlier, DOA + 1, Shortly after lunch.”

    However, going by book two we have:
    [*]The ascension ends and less than a day later (4-8 hours it felt) Tommus returns to Midgard with his passengers.
    [*]Ruiden runs out when Tommus returns to Midgard

    And that leads us to the start of this scene. This fight happened right after the end of ascension. How can it be DOA +1 but several hours earlier? Is it off a day?

    “Gastropé squinted at him and then looked to Damien who shook his head slightly from side to side and nodded. “He never mentioned to me that he had a warlock!” Gastropé would have to rethink his relationship with Tom.”

    This reads as if it is Damien speaking instead of Gastropé. Also, he shook his head AND nodded? Am I missing something?

    Damien’s personality seems off. He is too blasé. I can see why later when we get a look into his inner thoughts but he feels very passive before that point.


    Flagging for investigation.


    In the same scene after the perspective shift when have Vaselle summon Estrebrius so his demonic aura can allow them to understand each other. However there is already a demon present – the D’Warg Schwarzenfürze.

    Why doesn’t Schwarzenfürze project a translation aura? It’s implied that the process that binds on to the Abyss is what allows one to translate and not because one was a certain species pre-ascension.


    Yeah, I thought about this and then sort of said “does not count” The explanation is non-existent. So it should be explained.

    D’Wargs don’t speak a language that is translatable. D’Orcs don’t really understand D’Wargs any better than orcs understand wargs (in some universes).

    One explanation for wargs, that I’ve seen is that they are either empathetic or telepathic and at least with non-wargs they don’t do two way communication. However, they always seem to know what orcs/humans/others are saying/thinking.

    Of course, knowing Schwarzenfurze, she may just not want to be of assistance.

    In any event, it needs to be commented on/discussed in the book.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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