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    The Jenn character is a walking stereotype, a straw-woman, but the other characters still react to her as if she’s making sense, and contributing towards their objectives.

    Clearly, the only explanation to this would be that the demon god so many of the divine cast have been hinting must be responsible for re-upping Tom isn’t hiding in plain sight as I believed previously.

    Jenn is Concordenax.

    Other characters ignore her continuous racism and vitriol only because Jenn is cleverly mind-controlling them through secret links she’s imposed on Team Doom while they weren’t looking. Since Jenncordenax doesn’t want Team Doom discussing their assets and objective prioritization openly amongst themselves, she’s “forcing” the team to “keep her ignorant”, which would be a bit much to expect of them at this point of book 3, since the motivation for that is gone.


    Actually, I need to refer back to book 1, but Jenn while not particularly religious is a follower of Danu, the all-mother the alvar worship. She’s got the same “don’t think, just obey” message the gods like to pass around. Tsk tsk.

    Just don’t let the orcs find out!


    OR, it could be that the whole Danu business is just a front, like Exador with Tiernon.

    Everybody knows you can’t trust demons, much less their god!


    Well Jenn was more important when our MC was around. Gastrope doesn’t really want to explain the awkward relationship he was with Tom as a Semi-warlock. So other than Edwyrd who’s “searching” for Tom with Rupert she has no pipeline of info into the abyss. Well except for tizzy, but he has gardening to do.


    She is racist, against demons. She doesn’t trust them, and quite frankly, no sane wizard would. Particularly a thaumaturge who are very nature oriented. I mean, remember book 1. Demons have every reason to want to torture, maim and kill wizards. They’ve got a lot of justification.

    She is somewhat religious, but not that hugely so, say like your typical american christian, maybe less, she doesn’t go to church much.

    Her problem really is the information pipeline. As far as she knew Edwyrd and Rupert had disappeared when her back was turned, and Tom had mysteriously abandoned them in Gizzor Dell.

    For her, the pieces just don’t add up. There are just too many things that don’t add up.

    However, she is not stupid, also from the balling, she now knows that Tom can shape change (he did not shape change into Edwyrd in the battle though) however there was so much going on, and everyone focused on other stuff, it didn’t quite click. Now just recently finding out about Exador she knows they can be very convincing. Or at least–I think the Nimbus people know–I did write that didn’t I?

    With Gastrope’s tangled stories about Edwyrd/Tom/Rupert, she’s going to put two and two together very soon.


    That Exador was a arch-demon? Yeah that was in Alpha-2. If we have more Jenn thinking about details it won’t take long at all to See ;).

    (Did you get the joke? Because she’s with a seer who knows less then her? Dang these joke things are hard)


    I know. There are days when it is hard not to channel Robert Asprin too much.

    In fact, the artist and eye saw eye to eye on Myth Adventures (earlier versions) as being key to the new styles for covers.

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