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    We have the line “By the time we, the Nyjyr Ennead, were fully aware of what was happening and that it was happening on multiple planes at nearly the same time, our mortal forces were already nearly overwhelmed.”

    In the context of the conversation it implies that Tierhallon violently drove the Nyjyr Ennead worshippers from multiple planes. Later on we learn that some of their losses were from the Demi-Urge.

    However, from Tierhallon’s POV they did this deed only on Astlan.


    They screwed up across the board.

    However, from Tierhallon’s POV they did it over the entire localverse (where Sentir Fallon holds direct sway) and presumably several other worlds.

    What we have not seen yet is the connection between the Nyjyr Ennead and the Storm Lords. This comes from the Dark Apostle and his god, Sutekh.

    Sutekh is out to get the Nyjyr Ennead, his game extends beyond just the Five Siblings; [SPOILER]He’s also a connection point to the Knights of Chaos.[/SPOILER]


    It happened across the localverse? I mean I know that is said in the book, but they seem so focused on Astlan we’ve never heard about what happened on other planes in the localverse.


    Yes, unfortunately, we have no good source of information for that in other parts of the localverse; other than Nysegard and well that place is screwed up as it is.

    In the rest of the localverse our POV’s are all orcs, who by and large were not that into the Nyjyer Ennead.

    But it happened on a lot of planes Sutekh had been setting this up for some time.

    Of course I say ‘unforunately’ but I am pretty sure no one is voting for even more POV’s that are not immediately tied to the main story….

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