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    So how exacting is the regeneration? Will wisdom teeth grow back in? Will circumcised men who enter the Abyss find themselves uncircumcised? Will a woman’s hymen regrow? Would be unfortunate to have that nose job come undone.

    How encompassing is the transference during the Abyssal Switch spell? We know it’s not just land, as heat and air is transferred as well. Is it literally Hell on Astlan for the brief duration, meaning things like regeneration and being cut off from the Outer Planes are a part of the parcel as well?


    Tizzy, wouldn’t the heat difference cause a tornado?
    It would be a shame if the citadel of Light to be destroyed by one… :-”

    Oh and the google wizards stole my verification email. [sad]


    Not sure that has ever happened.

    Well, it may have, after all the multiverse is eternal, at the be bare minimum. So it could have, but as far back as I can remember, it hasn’t.

    The swaps I’ve seen are all temporary. Typically half an hour or less.


    Ohh, I love that!

    However, I think Dis Pater might want to use that one!

    Or maybe his battle cry might be something like

    Feel my Dis-Gust ;
    Prepare to face my Dis-Dain
    and be Dis-Mayed
    as I send you into Dis-Array!


    Oh, and it was a Chaos Maelstrom.


    [quote=Tizzy;6645]I mean why would any rational demon want to exchange their lovely red, rocky homeland for mushy black dirt and green veggies growing out of the ground? Specially when they’d all wilt pretty quickly.
    :d/ [/quote]
    It would be an pretty good method to Transport massive amounts of goods/slaves into the Abyss.


    Let’s see, on regeneration, the zero point/state is the first time you show up in the Abyss.

    Wounds that are not healed on entry, heal perfectly, but things that are scars, generally will not. However, this depends on how you get there.

    This is true for people coming through a portal with their physical bodies. Stumps generally don’t grow back with out some assistance (Unless it was just chopped off and bleeding–in which case you have active tissue to regenerate) It is possible to regenerate a healed stump that you come through with, but it takes conscious effort, time and mana, but you can grow it back, if you have the power/skill or help.

    However, circumcision etc, stays like it is, and once lost, virginity can never be restored. [biggrin] Even if you consciously force regrowth (which you could do for both, presumably)

    If you form a new body via summoning/demonization/etc. All bets are off. You come through as the collective imagined version of those sending you (or just you yourself if you can do it yourself as one might think the Nyjyr Ennead did) So you could come up to any zero sate.

    It’s literally a land and air above/ground below swap, it appears that it’s an infinite cylinder, but not sure that’s true. We will see more of what happens in the opening of Book 4.

    But, the rules of the plane that you swap to, apply to the newly swapped land, so the heat dissipates from over the Abyss, making everything nearby hotter as it gets cooler, standing near one in the Abyss is like standing next to an window air conditioner, at least for a while.

    However, the swap lands do swap back eventually, either when another swap is initiated, or after a certain timeout, it’s not a permanent swap. At least not the one that Exador does. Not sure if there are any permanent ones. What I know, I learned from talking to Gastrope’ actually. It’s really something that wizards do, more than demons.

    I mean why would any rational demon want to exchange their lovely red, rocky homeland for mushy black dirt and green veggies growing out of the ground? Specially when they’d all wilt pretty quickly.



    I believe I have you verified, you signed up on 2/3?

    Interesting point on tornado’s. One should certainly see some atmospheric events…pressure differentials and such, the heat alone should cause one. Although if its an infinitely tall column hot air….not sure what would happen. Also, what if directly above the site was a moon? That would be awkward…

    In the case of the citadel, there are a bajillion people around with wind controlling powers, shamans, avatars of krinna. They must have gotten a workout.

    Not sure what Exador’s been doing about it.

    Will need to look into that.


    If you swapped forested land to the abyss, what would be exact list of what happens to the plant life in that square? are there random plots of charred tree husks/buildings/etc all over the abyss?


    Nah, just within the patch of land.

    Trees near the edge will get their roots cut, that’s the worst, short term. Inner trees? If the ground is moist enough, they may recover the next season after their patch of land is returned, same with other things in the dirt, like a very serious drought season.

    It’s more like sticking stuff in an 210 degree oven than applying a blow torch So like a very slow roasted prime rib, or in this case, squirrel.


    I meant permanently Abyssal-Switched land, but yeah, can’t imagine it’s great for wildlife


    When the Storm Lords army was preparing to go to the abyss.

    What was that formation called?

    Dis array?


    You would be amazed how easy it is to get mortals to sell their souls to us as is.

    We also have a really great highway called the Styx.

    Remember, we only want the highest quality souls.

    Or at least most of us. I note that a certain archdemon currently ruling one of the Earths, is only surrounding himself with the lickspittlest of slaves and sycophants who would not be worth torturing for more than a decade or so.

    OK, so, the one that looks like a “Backbench Batman Villain” might be fun to torture. But that’s about it.

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