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    How deep is the Abyss? We know that the depth is not infinite since one end has a sky and that bounds the depth.


    So, there is no direct light source in the abyss correct? So that implies either some ambient light or a plane of light very high up. Now if it was ambient light then it would seem that interior of caves should be lit up. If caves are not lit up then the light source is exterior which in turn suggests a plane of light.

    If there is a plane of light then everything would be directly overhead and the combined ambient light would washout any shadows, correct? But exactly does that do to eyesight and depth perception?


    I can only speak from experience.

    Caves, like Tom’s are dark to human eyes, but rocks and the ground tend to be a bit warmer than the air, and this provides infrared light that demons can see just fine by. Same is true in Doom, and now that it’s started, there is plenty of infrared light to see by, it was rather dark when we got there, which is why the D’Orcs had fires and torches and glowing rocks.

    And now, the actual lighting system is back on/available.

    The sky emits a broad spectrum of visible light that tints red and as far as I can tell is perpendicular to the ground acting pretty much like your sun (which comes in perpendicular given the distance)

    If one assumes the Abyss is infinitely flat, than this light plane must be infinitely flat as well. In terms of distance vision, since all the light is perpendicular to the ground, then as you look to the distance, the light over that region would appear to be at an angle to you, much like when your sun is overhead and you look towards your horizon, however, while similar, it is different because there is no corresponding curvature. So it’s less pronounced.

    Now, that being said, there are flashes of light from flames and plasma balls that also affect vision, or at least cause ones pupils to sometimes have to adjust. If the burst is close to you, it can sometimes temporarily blind you if you aren’t careful. This is a problem for newbies.



    I don’t know for sure. Never tried to fly that high, or drill that low. We dug pretty deep to build Tartarus.

    I mean, some people have theorized that if you fly far enough upwards you actually reach the other side of the Abyss, that it is sort of an infinitely flat mobius shape, however, I have never flow high enough to reach the gravity inversion point.

    That flying submarine would be very handy for exploring this, it can go a lot faster than a demon can fly.

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