A D’Arachnid has been summoned from the Abyss…

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    Good lord.

    I have to imagine the first Europeans to show up, not knowing the ins and outs of the fauna, poisonous or not, dangerous or not, must have had a lot of sleepless nights.

    Do people keep them as pets?

    I personally am a pro-spider person and go out of my way to try and preserve webs and leave spiders alone and safe. I feel horrible because they love to build webs between my side view mirrors and windows on my car, they then live behind the mirror in the housing. I’ll be driving along, not realizing the web had been there and find a poor spider hanging on to his/her web for dear life. I have even pulled over to let them get inside/behind the mirror.

    In the southwest US, we have scorpions which are often about the same size, and they really hurt. I almost always ran into them in the toilet, around water pipes etc.


    A D’Arachnid has be spotted in Australia…..



    I saw a headline for that vid on Huffington post yesterday, but couldn’t figure out what I was looking at, so didn’t watch it.

    Good lord.! Where was that at that they have such monstrous spiders.

    Giving that most of the worlds toughest fauna lives in Australia, I’m betting it’s there.


    This footage came from the small city of Mackay, about mid-way up the Queensland coast.

    The Huntsman spider is very common in Queensland – they are the one that you are most likely to find running around the walls of your house.

    Their venom isn’t dangerous to humans, but they are big and fast……and surprisingly resistant to insect spray…..most people kill them with a shoe – which can be very funny to watch especially if the person is a bit slower then the spider.

    They give most people a fright as they tend to turn up in the most unusual and unexpected places……see the third image

    This is what they look like up close….

    [img=http://www.canberratimes.com.au/content/dam/images/3/4/a/2/9/image.related.articleLeadwide.620×349.34adn.png/1394121600000.jpg]Huntsman spider 1[/img]

    [img=https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5f/Sparassidae_Palystes_castaneus_mature_female_9929s.jpg]Huntsman 2[/img]

    [img=http://www.certifiedpropertysolutions.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/huntsmanSpider.jpg]Huntsman 3[/img]


    These guys don’t spin webs – they are an ambush predator, that’s why you find them in the unusual places…..but there is nothing worst then have one of these run across you in the middle of the night….the original face hugger

    They can get up to about 6 inches in size….


    I am not going to mention that to my mother.

    They like to travel, although the closest they have gotten to Australia is South Africa and nearby. They’ve talked about going to Australia at various points, it’s just coordinating a group of friends to go with them (they like traveling with groups of friends, site seeing and discussing it over wine)

    She’ll never visit Australia if she finds out about these fellows.

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