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    what happened


    so what happened to the air Risar did tom cure it after he blasted it into the gate.

    i know he cures 3 of them but after he tossed the air one into the gate he sort of disappeared from the story. did he make it through the gate and is rampaging at the other side?

    or is it lying in pieces after getting caught up in the explosion up of the gate?


    He cured it.

    Let me check to make sure on that, I know I didn’t do that one “live” but I think I mentioned it as being done off camera.



    It was glossed over between the first one that he zapped and the last of the smaller 3.

    “Okay,” Tom said out loud, “now all we have to do is keep the normal Unlife away from our recovering friends.”

    “That’s not going to be a problem!” Darg-Krallnom shouted. Tom looked towards the commander, who gestured to the Unlife that had been surrounding them.

    “They are in retreat, I suspect to reorganize. Surround the leadership, protect them at all costs. A very good thing for us!”
    Tom grinned and turned back to Inethya.

    “Incredible!” Inethya said, shaking her head. “That dagger was able to do what my rituals could not.”

    “This was a very strange situation. The Storm Lord’s spells were guarding the antimus tightly, but more importantly, the core souls of the risar were locked inside as animus. They were imprisoned within their own incarnated forms,” Tom said.

    “I’ve never heard of anything like that,” Inethya said.

    “Nor have I,” a new voice said behind Tom. He turned to see that Beragamos had returned now that the interdiction had been shut down.

    “I note that someone has once again been stealing mana from heaven,” the archon said sternly.

    “You try to re-turn three risar controlled by thirty-nine very powerful liches, now permanently slain, without using every drop of mana you can get your hands on,” Tom said somewhat sarcastically. “I also admit that Tiernon’s mana is very pure and most efficient.”

    A tremendous crashing sound from the other side of the Citadel brought their attention back to the fact that there was still a fourth risi attacking the Citadel.


    This is before they go to the Northern Courtyard to battle the bergrisi.

    Thanks for double checking. These are the sorts of things that can easily be overlooked. Particularly when I can’t even remember what was done.

    That’s the trouble with later stuff.

    Early stuff, I (and the beta demons) have gone over many more times. Stuff near the end gets far fewer readings.

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