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Well, I am sure you can get plenty of crazy people on Earth…but I don’t think Astlan has as many demented people.

For one thing they don’t have prescription drugs to treat them…so they tend to wander around and eventually get in the way of an Orc, minotaur, harpy or something else that kills them, and maybe eats them.

Yes, you could lie.

And Exador better hope Tiernon never finds out.

One thing that people are afraid of in Book II is if some “people upstairs” might come down to Astlan. if so, will they think it odd that there is this guy name Exador messing around in the situation, and he happens to look exactly like a guy named “Exador” that used to work for them, and that for some strange reason got lost on the way to “Tierhalion” (or whatever it’s called) after death?