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Yes, I don’t disagree, you do have to remember that demons were all people at one point, they have been tortured and live in a hell hole, but really it’s not any different than living in NYC.

Demons live in the city and trade there because it is convenient for them. One can say what one will, but the vast majority of demons recognize that having the city is in their own best interests on a lot of levels. And yes, there are those who will try to cheat and not play by the rules, and for that, there is the Fear that I talk of.

When I say fear, I don’t mean fear like Kim Jung-* I mean obey the rules or there will be consequences fear. The leadership is, by and large rather laisez-faire but if you screw up the good thing others have going, you will be punished. Severely.

That being said, a rapscallion can get by with quite a bit, but eventually someone will notice and either take them out, or report them on up the scale. The parallels to western frontier town and in fact all human towns where there isn’t a centralized or responsive government are there. It’s not any different that.

Perhaps the example would be pirate towns in the Caribbean. There is some honor among thieves and demons, or things just don’t work.

Also elevator breakdowns aren’t that big of a deal since most demons have wings. Those that don’t usually get garden apartments…

A lot of the buildings don’t have working elevators in fact.

As for garbage…well we don’t eat, urinate, vomit or poop except for pleasure so on that front it’s better than NYC. And there are plenty of people around to incinerate trash.

Not surprisingly there are no bans on open fires or incinerators in the city.