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Probably not.

Shadows are the same power level/range as imps. But they are bodiless dark regions. (which is odd because in the Abyss, there is no Fierd and thus no shadows? Except in the Court and in caves of course.) On the Planes of Men, shadows can move freely at night, but there is no night in the Abyss. That would sort of suck. You’d need to get to a cave and you’d be stuck there. Although that Morthador fellow seems to show up at Exador’s tower in broad daylight somehow.

Really should start paying more attention to those things.

I would assume if something is a Greater Shadow, it would have roughly the same strength as a Greater Demon (again there are lots of variations among all demon levels) but if presumably an ‘average’ shadow would be able to deadlock or have a 50/50 chance of beating an ‘average’ greater demon.

So presumably a Shadow Prince would be somewhere on the same range as the other princes.

But again, once you get up into that stratosphere, it’s not all about “power” it’s also about “clever/intelligent/resourceful” use of power.
The ability to out maneuver your opponent.

I have not seen Jenn’s diary online, or offline. She doesn’t have interdimensional access so not sure how she would have posted it. Plus being private not sure she would want to post it.

However, maybe what you read was about an alternate version of the first summoning written from Jenn’s perspective. T-A-G was going to put that online, not sure if he did. It would be in the Library, either in the wizardry section near Conjurors, or maybe, but doubtful demon section.

Taking a quick look, not seeing it there, he may not have posted it…I’ll bug him.