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Well, there is this capability of 3D. You can reuse the models. Get one, pose it, render. Pose it again, render. You can use such model again and again and again. Now, nothing is wrong with this, I will also make use of reusing models one day, but often times people are sloppy at reusing the models. Often they don’t correct, alter, or do post work. Often the results are stiff and bizzare or outright freakish.

I also think it is not the over exposure but ignorance. When it comes to traditional work, people are very well acquainted to it. They know about Mona Lisa, Girl with the Pearl Earing, The Starry Night, Creation of Adam, etc. They even know the master artists who make them. There a lot of documentaries about them too. the general people just know a lot of these.

Contrast with 3D works. Being a new one on the feild, many people fail to recognize great 3d works as great examples of 3D works. They see them and fail to recognize what it is. Those gigantic dinosaurs? Godzilla? King Kong? Iron man suit? The Hulk? These are popular 3d works out there in the movies but many would fail to point them out when they think of 3D works.

When people talk about 3D most would think of those sloppy 3d works instead of those the often seen ones like movie posters (the Hulk, Transformers, Iron Man, Avatar), animated films (like Pixar and Dreamwoorks, love How to Train Your Dragon), IKEA catalogue (those pictures you see there are 3D renders), comercials (how about those talking toothbrushes?) or even Video games. Great 3D work abound they just fail to label them as 3D works.

On the other hand no one would pick their sisters drawing Sailor Moon, their own attemps of drawing human figure, or their school art project as traditional artwork examples but insist on exquisite ones like Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, and The Girl with the Pearl Earing as examples. They pick the best for traditional but choose the worst for 3D, so unfair.