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I emphasize [b]city[/b]. A [b]city[/b] requires a lot of trust in the population for it to stand. In the absense of trust would cause violent anarchy would issue (like say in the Los Angeles riots). You might as well see the city burning to the ground.

Using fear punishment/death is not a very stable way to manage a city/empire. You can just look at history to see. This is especially more true, if the demons could actually just leave the city as Tizzy says. Leaving the city and live alone, or stay in the city and have your life be under the whim of the authorities… it is just a no brainer. LEAVE!

Especially problematic in this situation if (ultimate) death is used. Demons have very low birthrate so if there is something that killing demons off, soon the number will greatly dwindle. If the number dwindle so much then the necessary manpower to maintain the city would not be achieved. This would cause the city to fail and become unlivable, even to demons.

Another is that, there would always be rebelion if a population is ruled by fear. Sooner or later, someone would become foolish enough to retaliate. It will always not be overtly but covertly like say sabotage. This is a great inefficiency that a city is not likely to handle. Elevators keep breaking, buildings would collapse, the road would be covered in mountains of garbage and debri. And if the authorities are trigger happy to put others to death, demons would be constantly killed left and right. Demons would actually just decimate themselves.

Also add the other sytems that requires or actually based its function in trust. Economy, the heart of every city, based its function on trust. Money, trading, businesses, ownership, capital, etc. required trust to have meaning. In the absense of trust, this systems is just busted. Law enforcement, City maintenance, Taxation, Utilities and others all requires trust to function. Scruffles and violence has come up because of these.

It’s this necissity of trust a [b]city[/b] require, and seeing the the demon city is triving, that makes me conclude that Demons do trust each other a lot. Not as much as humans trust each other, but plenty enough so that a city of that size could actually be standing. Any less, and the dynamics would just be unrealistic. It would seem as if the city is maintaining itself instead of the demons (especially the lower ones) doing the job.

Actually, it already seems unrealistic. The modern conviniences, the skyscrapers, the businesses… when it seems the whole demon population is rather narcissistic and hedonistic. I even wonders where Boggy get his money… or who is making the money in the first place. These things just requires cooperation and trust to create and maintain. Who is maintaning all these things anyway.