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@Mauo: I have studied stories/myth from various religion and I can say this:

As for god or evil, many gods, especially the pagan ones aren’t really good or evil. Often time they are just nossy and obnoxious. Though, for most, the gods are often just neutral. In many mythologies these gods are some sort of means of understanding the natural world, like thunder god to explain why the weather just suddenly become god (the god is angry or something), or the sea god sending a storm because it is displeased (very much like the story of Jonah). Basicaly these gods are means to explain natural phenomenons and many gods stay just that and often doesn’t intervene much with humans.

Angels is very rare in mythologies. It is most recognized in Christian and Muslim but many ‘pagan’ religions has no concept of angels. Angels also haven’t been described clearly in any religious literature. The image of the angel we see now (winged humans) could not be found in the Bible.

What you described as demonic culture is also fitingly describes many pagan gods. The Roman gods for example almost matches the descriptions perfectly. With Zues being a central figure and other gods often working independently from each other, and lesser gods often are out of the picture.

Astlanian angels and demons seems to work that way, though I think demons though have a lot of trust with each other. The large city (Court of Chaos) requires a lot of trust for it to be build and maintained (even though many demons are unrully), and a large amount of trust is required for the demons to live that close to earch other. If they don’t, then demons should be living solitarily (like bears or tigers) and would have fight when they come to view with each other.