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[quote=Tizzy;1553]No idea what that means, I’ve reread and I think it represents a crossed meaning between posts.

You were making the point about why would some go to so much work to create shapeshifting buildings, and have one “shape” be a collapsed ruin…because it wouldn’t serve one’s vanity.

People build palaces out of vanity, not ruins.

And Madfoxii was countering with the point, demons like to destroy things, in particular, nice things. So building nice buildings only to subsequently destroy them is not necessarily against one’s vanity.

I.e. one can imagine a demon so vane that they want people to know they have so much power, they can afford to destroy their own palaces…

I think….[/quote]

Yeah, that was my point 😉 I would even go so far as to say that if normal rich humans on Earth think ruins are the epitome of beauty willing to spend tons of money on building fake ruins in their gardens out of vanity*, then I would say that demons are even more likely to build ruins out of vanity 😉

* Take a look at some of the follies the English lords build in their gardens 😉