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T-A-G is busy writing so I’m going to fill in whether he likes it or not.

T-A-G spent a lot of time trapped in FF7 in particular. But then at some point he started going all MMPORGy even though he tended to do solo half the time, which seems to defeat the purpose.

There will be a beta reader program, which is what it sounds like, meaning it’s a prerelease version for a subset of people who sign up/agree to confidentiality, they then read/comment/suggest changes/catch inconsistencies. So it’s an “unfinished release” in that the final release may have additions, subtractions, reorderings.

There will be a sign up list, some people are just saying in advance (in red ink in lieu of blood) they want to be in it and I will try to scrape all those names together, to “pre put them on the list”

There will be a locked forum/topic that only they can read/edit to discuss book 2 and argue points and changes.