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How… common… cliche… typical?

In my assessment:

Wrath: Well, demons seems to be trigger happy when it comes to violence. Tom is quite disapointed because of his rather violent behavior.

Lust: Tom seems to have a amazing control over his sexuality, though he does have no sense of modesty… like children, they love running naked you know.

Glottony: Well how can a demon be a glutton when they get hungry or even the desire to feed? They also don’t seem to consume much fluids or anything material. Demons seems to be free from this form of sin.

Greed: A common trait associated with dragons, hoarding gold and all. Tom seems to be immune to this, he is even damn broke and don’t seem to mind it much. Other demons also doesn’t seem to have much interest with treasures except when necessary.

Pride: Aside from Lenamare, other characters seems to have quite typical level of pride. Even Exador seems to be less inclined to this. Ramses might be quite showy and extravagant but he seems to be more of sticking to the traditions of Pharaohs than doing it out of ego.

Envy: Now this i didn’t see in any demons so far.

Sloth: With Exador’s dedication for getting the book, Ramses feat of nearly enslaving Astlan, and Toms rather dedicated protection of his newfound friends; demons seems to be very capable of diligence. Many demons though has hedonistic streak but innactivity seems not to be a problem.

From what I can see, Astlanian demons seems to be a creature of Wrath and Violence… as are Dragons creatures of greed and Satyrs creatures of Lust. So if their is a struggling that Tom has with his demonic nature it is with Wrath and not with the other six.