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Well, just because you don’t know your true name doesn’t mean you don’t have one.

Earth has VERY low mana levels. Almost as if some greedy deity created a huge church and went around sucking up all the mana on the planet so magic wouldn’t work any more.

Well, I’m pretty sure there a few quasi-monopolistic deities running around with insurance plans. Including one that offers 3 completely different plans!
I do know of some that offer reincarnation…that’s also popular in Astlan.

But yes, in Astlan if you don’t have an agreement with a deity, you are pretty much on your own. Of course, if you are a high level necromancer you just turn yourself in to a Lich, and the rest of your family into revenants or similar.

I also heard stories about wizards that went around trapping the souls of people in swords and other magic items. Hence–Intelligent Swords….

Never seen one myself though.

I know I wouldn’t like it if my pipe kept talking to me…