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What can I say Tizzy, guess that nowadays teenage girls are turned on by dangerous decaying and dead people.
I mean not everyone can say they have sex with dead people.[/quote]

Read a manga with the MC being an incestuous necrophiliac. His sister was a ghoul which he revived, pretty similar to Twilight, but Japanese version. They both sucked as all hell( even though I read the last book of Twilight a few times, I regret it). To see how much they suck you have to see it for yourself, words cannot warn you about the incoming horror( while he did not have sex with his sister, it was pretty close). And there goes a few hours of my life, better spent lazing around rather than reading books like those, your book is so much better IMO. ETA for beta demonism? I haven`t really been active on the forums in the last week or two, so I can`t really say I saw any announcement(s) regarding it o:)