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One supposes this would be true on the true names–but I’m not sure I’d want to try.

Changing a true name would change its fundamental nature so it would have to be a pretty weird/wrenching/horrible event.

I supposed it could happen though.

I am not so sure on god’s seeing the agents of other gods as demons…

Clearly, if they two gods are in the same pantheon, and are enemies or diametrically opposed, then would presume, and probably assume, that said spells worked against the others.

In particular, if one god was good, the other evil.

But this is going to be a case by case basis, and how it plays out inter-pantheon is really almost too complex to say….

I would say, one should try it and find out, but inter-pantheon warfare is generally considered a VERY bad thing. Generally much worse than intra-pantheon fighting (which is quite normal).