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Your main complaint in beta was:

“I hate Jenn and Gastrope’s story; remove it; remove the Grove and the Nimbus or cut them down to almost nothing.” You also weren’t that happy with too much Hilda.

I did cut out the roller coaster. But cutting out the Grove and Gastrope’ and Jenn storylines sabotages stuff that comes later. I have to set things up for future events; otherwise there is no backstory or I have to spring it on people. That’s the [b]forest[/b]; you wanted me to start cutting down half the trees in it.

The POV’s were mentioned, but all about they are distracting us from Tom; not that they were confusing and certainly I saw no major complaints on the rehashing that said that exactly.

Here is the thing, Tom was stuck in a cave for several days while Talarius recovered and he figured out what to do. Now in book 1, he also spent a lot of time in the cave, and we sort of skipped over it in time and just said that he made furniture. We could do this because nothing else was happening. So time could jump a couple days for everyone.

This time, when he was stuck in the cave for several days, a LOT of other stuff was happening, a lot of stuff that was setting up future books and reactions from observers; the reaction scenes were things that lots of people had requested in various forums here and on Amazon and Goodreads had asked for; so I wanted to deliver. So while he is doing nothing, I covered the important stuff other people were doing.

What was I supposed to do during that time period? Have pages and pages of the guys in the cave navel gazing and having odd conversations with Tizzy and arguments with sleeping Talarius? I could have covered more Reggie, but that too would have been distracting to you.

You mentioned something in the review about the sex bothering you?

This is why I want you to try writing a book, a book who’s story you believe in and that you want to tell. I have constraints; the constraints of the story itself. You want me to toss them out because you don’t understand them. I can’t do this and still have “the story”

Now everyone wanted more action, more battles; I gave you all that. But you still weren’t happy.

Honestly, I had and have no idea what you wanted. You just told me what you didn’t want, which was like half the book. You don’t ever tell me what’s good; only what’s bad. So I have no idea what it is you actually want; just what you didn’t want. You are the reviewer of “No” but you can’t articulate why you say “no” you just say “no”

“I hate Hilda; I hate the Grove; it’s boring; it’s not going anywhere, it doesn’t add to the plot.” [b][i](FOREST ALERT–this is what you call the straw man)[/i][/b] I kept telling you yes it does add to the plot/story; you just can’t see it yet. But you said “cut it out anyway” and when I said I couldn’t; you didn’t work to make it better/more interesting you just went away.

So whatever, the books will march on and I will get feedback, input and even direction from those that want to provide it. But Rosver, it’s my story and I have to tell it. I will be guided by others, but I can’t please everyone. It just isn’t possible. If you don’t like it and don’t want to add constructive criticism that improves the book but only hack it to pieces, that’s your right. I’ll take it under advisement; but I’d really prefer you to be helpful and constructive and not so negative, defensive and curmudgeonly.

You have great insight and a keen mind, I just wish you’d use it to build rather than tear down.