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Very interesting and I think closing in on truth…

So spurred by that I bring up Order and Chaos, in particular the concept of Entropy.

There is an analogy here to be found.

Consider also the later beings of creation, they are much more efficient in their use of mana to bind animus to matter.

See discussion of the Sidhe and first races. Worlds with low mana, generally don’t have Sidhe because the sidhe can’t function well there.

In order to live on such a world, you need to be very mana efficient. “Lower Energy Beings” which are also more ordered.

Order corresponds to lower energy states, think alchemy and molecular and atomic states.

Anyway, it had got me thinking about this plane I visited once, where they framed everything in terms of Order and Chaos, they had two different groups of wizards, Order Masters and Chaos Masters….

I am sure there is some tying out that can be done.

Just pondering.