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Did you steal a copy of the second book? :-$ This is a big part of it.

Actually a complex question. The severing of the silver cord definitely hurts them. However, the binding spells that form the mana body imbue the new demon with lots of extra mana. This mana will help them attract more animus (particularly in Astlan) which is how most of them, particularly someone like Tom can start to do more, sort of like a snowball effect. To be clear, Demons can “level up” as they age, i.e. get more powerful with age, like a wizard. But like humans, most don’t. It is probably safe to assume that a good number of Arch Demons didn’t start out that powerful. But given 3-4 thousand years…

Now, as to the stealing pure God Mana….well this is completely unknown and is the subject of a LOT of freak out on the part of everyone. As far as anyone knows, and this includes Demons, Wizards, Priests and all the relevant deific types involved, no one has ever done this before.

For one thing, as will be discussed in volume ii, it’s nearly impossible to do as the priest-avatar link is, or should be, inviolable, sort of like a super encrypted VPN tunnel (in Earth Speak).

For a second thing, no one who knows anything about Gods would be stupid enough to do it. Because it’s really going to tick off the deity and his/her avatars and priests. I am thinking Tom might not have been particularly religious when on Earth, and so doesn’t take the Gods seriously enough.

But what we do know is, Tom did get a huge supercharging out of if and repaired his mana body on Astlan and had enough power to reverse a Holy Artifact of Tiernon (which will also be a subject of much consternation). Again, because this is IMPOSSIBLE to do. Yes, Tiernon or one of his Avatars could in theory do it, but no Demon should even be able to touch the thing.

Now, I’ve got to go harvest so more smokey smokey for my pipe. Just got to find where I put my pouch.