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Excellent point! I feel much better now, knowing I’ll dissolve before you skin me.

Let’s see who lives in the Abyss?


1) Demons
2) Dragons
3) The Damned
4) Various Demon ‘Animals’
E.g. Nightmares (used by Hags–these were once human but transformed by a Hag to ride, and often stabled here)
Cerebus/Hades/Hell Hounds of various sorts.
5) Talarius =d>

It’s not uncommon for one of the Damned to be turned into a Demon Animal sort of creature. I suspect that’s where a lot of them come from.

There are also a number of creatures that “visit” or may be living here, that aren’t exactly native. For example, sphinxes can show up here, but they aren’t native, and they usually aren’t “Dammned” Djinn can exist here, much like ‘mortals’ etc that aren’t Damned. E.g. Jenn, Gastrope’ both visitited.

I think what you are remembering are the various servants etc at Ramses’ palace, and probably in the Courts. Those were generally demons that he’d shaped changed into variants of creatures found in Astlan and places he’d been (Satyrs, Centaurs, etc) although also a coach or two in the Courts.

In the courts, you probably would see Nightmares pulling coaches, or maybe a basilisk or wyvern, gargoyle’s have no problem here, large Hell Hound etc.

Of course, using a basilisk to pull your coach is frowned upon. You think you don’t like oncoming cars with their headlights on bright? Trust me, a basilisk is much worse for oncoming traffic.