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Well, considering the name of this topic is “Killing Demons” (a name I’ve never liked) I am a little scared to tell you that I used “The Scientific Method”

[-o< o:) No, actually they aren't as fancy as it sounds. it's all rather cobbled together by demons, I got some friends to help me steal some metal garden furniture and then we raided this place called Home Despot or something. Not really sure why one would want a Despot in one's home, but that's not really my problem. Anyway, in actuality, the cushions, which we tied down with wires was this pink 'insulation" stuff, which was scratchy so we covered it in denim that we stole. We then got pillow cases to supplement the rather tacky upholstery job, and filled those with asbestos. I myself have a very nice divan that I use. Unfortunately I don't have a chair big enough for Tom.