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Woo Hoo! You are now a Shadow+

At 5 posts you become a Sprite!

Of course, to get to be an all powerful Imp you need 50 posts!

Now, I don’t think we’ll ever see them because by definition, there are Astral Onlooker’s who are guests and have never posted. Users, i.e. registered users are all Shadows until 5 posts when they become Sprites.

Imps need 50 posts
Fiends are 100+ posts
Demons are 200+ posts
Major Demons are 300 posts (but this may go up as time goes by.)
Greater Demons are 400 currently.
Arch Demons are 500
Demon Princes are ??? not set in the ladder.

What do people think of these levels? After a while they may be too low. It is probably better to set them higher sooner so as to not reduce one’s rank later.


Guest is Guest
Astral Onlooker is registered but no posts.
Shadow is 1 to 10 posts
Sprite is 11 to 24 posts
Imps are 25 to 99 posts
Fiends are 100 to 249 posts
Demons are 250 499 posts
Major Demons are 500 to 1499 posts
Greater Demons are 1500+ posts
Arch Demons are 2500+ posts
Demon Princes are 5000+ posts
Dark God is 10,000+ post

(Dark God is not an official Abyss term–technically it would be Concordenax, but there is only one of those)