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Well, actually to me Tom does not deviate from the course or disobey orders. As I said just a while ago, languages is amorphous.

[quote]You will not deviate from your course to or from the tower in any way.[/quote]

It seems that Tom break this one but he doesn’t. The key here is the ‘your course’ clause. Since Lenamare doesn’t specifically specify a course Tom should take, this clause could be taken as Tom’s choosen course to go to and from Zilquar. He chooses to a course that went through the forest and he follows it, as ordered.

He also doesn’t violate the ‘directly’ clause:

[quote]You will go directly to the tower and demand to speak to Zilquar.[/quote]

The key here the ‘to the tower’ clause. That means it only applies when he go to Zilquars keep and not when he comes from Zilquars Keep. And:

[quote]You will harm no one nor anything at this point.[/quote]

Well, the key is the ‘at this point’ clause. It is rather ambigous. What did the ‘this’ pronoun points to? What ‘point’ does he mean? And when does this point (of time) begin and ends?

See? Give an order to a demon and you can always make ways to twist it.