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A century sounds reasonable to me, it’s not that long a time. I think I played a game of chess once that lasted around 40 years.

However I probably average 3-4 a day…not sure, should take count/forum time to find out.

So maybe a little high, the time scale I was working on was “when will GRRM finish A Song of Ice and Fire” and I figured whatever that time is, that’s the time it takes to become a ‘Dark God’.

Again, a century doesn’t seem that unreasonable in that context.

Actually, Gods do need/want worshipers. That is where they get their mana (above and beyond what they can collect on their own). That’s the key difference between a gods, demons, avatars,djinn and other mana rich beings. Everyone not a god is pretty much limited to what they can collect on their own and store. Gods can store a tremendous about more, have the means to harvest it from worshipers and distribute it to their underlings, including priests.

Naturally, I must add the disclaimer that this is a gross over simplification relevant to this issue only. Gods are actually transcendent creatures of divine wisdom, judgement and holy power, deserving of all reverence and worship!